What is the Best Fertility Monitor for You?

Fertility MonitorsWhen it comes to my health and family, I fully appreciate the fact that nothing but the best is good enough for them. Therefore, I would expect that you also want the best fertility monitor to help you with your with family planning goals. Let’s take a look at what the best fertility monitor is and the reasons for it.

First, it is important to identify your family planning objectives. Do you want to have children or do you want a natural alternative to birth control pills? Depending on how you answer this question, the model that is best for you will be entirely different. If you look around this site at the different fertility monitors which are discussed in detail, you will notice that most are designed to help women that are trying to conceive. Continue reading

Clearblue Fertility Monitor

Clearblue Fertility MonitorOne of the most popular fertility monitors used by women that are trying to conceive is the Clearblue fertility monitor. This monitor utilizes urine test sticks to identify the presence of hormones from urine in the morning. As one of the most trusted models available, Clearblue has quite a reputation for accuracy and reliability.

The Clearblue fertility monitor starts analyzing your monthly cycle on the first day of your period. Every morning following this day the monitor must be turned on, and it will tell you whether a urine specimen needs to be examined or not. To provide the specimen to the monitor for analysis, an individually wrapped disposable Clearblue test stick must be used. The monitor can take up to five minutes to analyze the urine test stick and flashes throughout this period. When the analysis is complete, the fertility monitor will display a symbol that lets you know that the test stick can be removed and discarded. Continue reading

OvaCue Fertility Monitor

OvaCue Fertility MonitorSome women, who prefer to avoid urine based fertility monitor units, will like the OvaCue fertility monitor. This device uses an oral probe to test the level of electrolytes in saliva, which is actually pretty accurate at predicting an ovulation date up to seven days in advance. Even with irregular cycles, the OvaCue fertility monitor is quite accurate.

In determining the accuracy of this fertility monitor, OvaCue performed clinical studies which were overseen by the National Institute of Health. What these clinical studies concluded was that the OvaCue fertility monitor was 98.3% effective at predicting ovulation. This level of accuracy is quite impressive with a monitor that simply tests saliva for the presence of electrolytes. Continue reading

Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor

Lady-Comp Fertility MonitorThe Lady-Comp fertility monitor is one of the few models which are designed for use by women that are trying to conceive and those that want a natural option to birth control pills. By reading your body temperature in the morning, which is referred to as basal temperature, this device is quite accurate in tracking your monthly cycle.

Many women wonder just how accurate using basal temperature is in comparison to analyzing hormones in urine for fertility purposes. The short answer is that there is less than a 1% accuracy rate difference among these types of fertility monitors. With a 99.3% rate of accuracy, the Lady-Comp fertility monitor is definitely worth the thirty seconds a day it takes to read your basal temperature. Continue reading

Where to Buy a Fertility Monitor At

Fertility MonitorThere is something special about women outside of being able to bear children. We are also great bargain hunters! Considering fertility monitors are expensive, it is important that we locate the best deals so that we can save money on our purchase. Let’s take a look at options so that you can save on your fertility monitor purchase too.

First, I bought my fertility monitor at FertilityMonitor.info. Their website has the best fertility monitors which analyze hormones in urine, electrolytes in saliva and basal temperature. I ordered the Clearblue model from them and it arrived in three days. Besides good pricing, they had a free shipping offer running and they are still offering it to this day. Continue reading

Can a Fertility Monitor Determine Infertility?

Negative Pregnancy TestA question that many women have regarding fertility monitors is their ability to determine infertility. Although home medical devices are quite sophisticated and capable of many functions, a fertility monitor will not detect infertility in a woman. However, a fertility monitor can detect abnormal readings which warrant follow-up care with an OB/GYN.

Prior to ovulation, urine based fertility monitors can detect a surge in luteinizing and estrogen hormones. If this surge is not detected by your fertility monitor, it is possible that there may be health conditions limiting your ability to conceive. Please note that I said it is only possible. Errors in fertility monitor specimen collection or a defective unit may be to blame instead of something more serious. Since infertility is a major concern of many women, let’s take a quick look at the facts. Continue reading

What is the Best Type of Fertility Monitor for You?

Light BulbThere are indeed a large number of fertility monitors available and determining which model is best for you can be a challenging task. Between features, pricing and reviews, I know that I had spent a great deal of time when I finally decided to purchase a fertility monitor. I will take this opportunity to look back at what information was useful to me so that it can help you when determining what the best type of fertility monitor is right for you.

The first step I took in determining which fertility monitor was best for me is to call some friends and a family member. In total, I knew four women that had purchased their fertility monitor. I wanted their opinions before I even started to look at which type of fertility monitor was good for my needs in trying to conceive. Basically, I had three types of fertility monitors to choose from which calculated my most fertile days based on basal temperature, an analysis of hormone levels in urine and saliva tests that looked for surges in electrolytes. My friends had their opinions, and they helped me formulate an objective opinion based on their personal experiences. Continue reading

Fertility Monitors are Not Just for Conceiving

Pregnant BellyFertility monitors are certainly excellent devices for women that are trying to conceive. However, there are a growing number of women that are using their fertility monitor as a natural form of birth control. In this post I will explain some of the benefits of this and why natural family planning is important.

When we get sick, we often visit the doctor’s office and are prescribed medication to help us get better. Whether it’s an infection or strained muscle, taking medication can be helpful. However, when we do take medications most people do not take into consideration how the medicine interacts with our body. Birth control medication, which is often taken orally, does have risks and can impact a woman’s body if taken for an extended period of time. So let’s look at how birth control pills prevent pregnancy and why using a fertility monitor is actually healthier. Continue reading

Pregnancy Jealousy is Normal

TearsWhen I was trying to conceive, at times I was overcome with emotions. Seeing other pregnant women, and pregnant friends, was very difficult for me. Here I was struggling to get pregnant and all of these other women seemed to have no problems at all. If you have been trying to conceive for a long time, you probably know what I am talking about. Being envious of other women that are pregnant is normal and is what we call pregnancy jealousy.

Just about any woman that has fertility problems experiences pregnancy jealousy at some point. When discussing this with a close friend of mine, who had multiple miscarriages, she too confirmed the horrible feeling that came over her when she saw other pregnant women. Although seeing other women that are pregnant is a challenge for some, interacting with other women carrying a baby was even more difficult for me. Continue reading

Your Biological Clock is Ticking!

ClockAs a young woman, I had little concern about starting a family. But then I met “Mr. Right” and one thing led to something everyone knows as responsibilities. With a husband and wife both working full-time, to meet our responsibilities and goals, days turned into years. Before you knew it, I was in my 30s! It was time to get serious about starting a family.

When my husband and I decided it was time to try to conceive, it was not really a difficult decision to come to. My biological clock was ticking away and career goals are never ending. Despite trying for months, our efforts to get pregnant were futile. I was beginning to think that there was a problem with my reproductive system and decided to get a fertility monitor. Continue reading