OvaCue Fertility Monitor

OvaCue Fertility MonitorSome women, who prefer to avoid urine based fertility monitor units, will like the OvaCue fertility monitor. This device uses an oral probe to test the level of electrolytes in saliva, which is actually pretty accurate at predicting an ovulation date up to seven days in advance. Even with irregular cycles, the OvaCue fertility monitor is quite accurate.

In determining the accuracy of this fertility monitor, OvaCue performed clinical studies which were overseen by the National Institute of Health. What these clinical studies concluded was that the OvaCue fertility monitor was 98.3% effective at predicting ovulation. This level of accuracy is quite impressive with a monitor that simply tests saliva for the presence of electrolytes.

Unlike urine based fertility monitors, like the Clearblue fertility monitor, this OvaCue model does not require the use of disposable test sticks. Some women may think urine test sticks are unsanitary, but the biggest selling point of this OvaCue model is its ease of use. This OvaCue fertility monitor has a colored monthly display which makes it extremely easy to view where you are at in your cycle. The testing process, which requires placing an oral probe on your tongue, only takes three seconds to complete.

Although the OvaCue fertility monitor works well with the included oral probe, an optional vaginal sensor is available to determine precisely when ovulation has occurred. The vaginal sensor will provide more data for the monitor to evaluate and further expands it rate of accuracy. However, most women will find that the monitor performs quite well without using the vaginal sensor.

One of my friends has an OvaCue fertility monitor and absolutely loves it. She, like many other women, did not like the appeal of using and replacing urine test sticks as is required in other types of monitors. My friend noted that it took one cycle for the monitor to learn what her average electrolyte levels were and was more accurate on the second month and very precise on the third month. By the fourth month of using the OvaCue fertility monitor, my friend had a positive pregnancy test and now has a young girl!

Although the OvaCue fertility monitor is not what I would consider the best fertility monitor, I do recognize that its features and accuracy are comparable to other models. Considering my friend has a girl now because of this OvaCue model, I dare not contradict the living proof of its effectiveness. If you would like to get an OvaCue fertility monitor, you should visit our where to buy a fertility monitor at page for useful money saving tips.

One thing that you should know about the OvaCue fertility monitor is that it does store four months of data in memory. However, you can store an unlimited amount of data online using their OvaGraph service, which is included free with your purchase of this monitor. In fact, OvaGraph will also allow you to record other pertinent information online including your basal temperature, cervical position, fertility medications and much more.